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Easy Mailouts provides a simple and cheap solution to email marketing. Easy Mailouts system was born from our Personnel and Payroll Management system PayPerM.
We are not one of your average email marketing companies - we firmly believe that an email marketing company should be able to provide more than just technology.
There’s an art to sending email campaigns that provide results and our team of designers and support crew are all experts in what works and how to get the most from your marketing.
We are based in London.
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Chelsey Baker

Chelsey Baker - Director. Chelsey has over 20 years media and marketing experience and is a well respected face in business. Chelsey's media career includes PR, TV Presenting, Features Writer and brand advisor to many Blue Chip companies. Chelsey has appeared in a variety of media, presenting mainstream television.
Chelsey has worked in the financial markets since aged 19 trading Futures and Equities. After working with financial guru Vince Stanzione, Chelsey became an advisor on technical trading and taught others how to successfully trade using Spread Betting and Fixed Odds strategies. Chelsey now writes for a variety of publications on business and financial trading which include her own regular column in The City Magazine and Vicinitee Magazine and is a contributor to many other leading magazine titles.

Chelsey is passionate about working with business start-ups and contributes a considerable time in helping and advising other entrepreneurs through speaking at business events and mentoring clients on media communication skills, PR and personal image presentation. Chelsey is a speaker on the Midas Touch panel at the Business Start-Up show where she advises other budding entrepreneurs alongside panellists Peter Jones, Brad Rosser, Rachel Elnaugh and Jonathan Jay. Chelsey has presented and hosted numerous award ceremonies and live corporate events in the UK and internationally.

John Martin

John Martin - Director, has over 20 years IT experience from designing IT Motor Insurance systems to Housing Systems for local authorities. John has designed and written systems in Plan, COBOL, Java etc.
Having amended and maintained IT payroll and personnel systems for over fifteen years, I decided to write my own integrated payroll and personnel system Most IT payroll systems are designed so that they need to be maintained by an IT department - IT professionals. Some systems take months or even years to understand and master even by IT professionals! Often they rely on charging clients an additional fee to update and maintain the system for new user requirements. I wanted to create a system that was easy to maintain by anyone with little training. For example the client can change validation of fields by drop down menus rather than having to code anything. PayPerM which stands for Payroll Personnel Management system meets theses needs and more. It also very secure - even if know particular username and password this alone will not gain access to the data. It is written in Java so cannot get web data even if know "web address". It also caters for multi languages. I am even working on catering for Chinese language.
I use Easy Mailouts to keep in contact with the large number of actors I am involved with as another interest I have is film and theatre production.
I love working with Chelsey. And it allows me to realise the potential of this cheap and easy-to-use system.

Start of Easy Mailouts

Easy Mailouts was a natural progression, as PayPerM already catered for automatic emailing of payslips and reports.
Whilst working on the administration for the City's Top Model competition there was a need to reply to the large number of enquires and also update them on the competition, and also inform them of they had been selected for interview. For those that were selected for interview needed to give them the date and time of their interview. I needed a "mail merge" for emails so that each email could be tailored for each reply without having to do any uploading of files and doing lots of typing or copying and pasting. Easy Mailouts allows customised emails to be sent - it reads a file of contacts and each reply can be customised. So for example one email could say "your interview is on Monday at 2pm", another "your interview is on Wednesday at 5pm" etc. I also needed to be able to attach a jpeg map file of where interview was being held.
The customisation in Easy Mailouts is very easy. But if you just want to send say a newsletter or brochure to 3000 email addresses a month for email marketing etc without any customisation it is even easier to use! I am working on other features to Easy Mailouts which are in addition to current features of Jpeg to pdf and Word to pdf.
By using Easy Mailous you can send bulk emails cheaply and simply, when you want. For most requirements we are probably the cheapest on the web! For summary of Easy Mailouts see Easy Mailouts flyer

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