What does it cost?
Please see Pricing link
I would like a fixed price for longer than a year. Is this possible?
Yes. Please email us your preferred length of time and we will send you a quote. .
What technical knowledge do I need?
You need to have an email address, and be able to use your computer and have Internet connection. It is very simple to send mail outs. You do NOT need to know about HTML, POPs, SMTPs, etc.
Do you have a demo version?
Yes. You can get a free trial: sign up for free trial The trial version is limited to 20 emails per log on. But you can log on again and again .
Do I need an SMTP server to send email, and are there any extra costs for this?
No, you do not need your own mail server to send emails. Most customers simply default to use our servers to send emails, as there is no additonal cost. (You you can select instead to your own server if you want to.)
By using our servers you do NOT have to pay separately for the bandwidth or server resources used, it is all included in the price.
Sending bulk mail always uses a significant amount of server resources. If you do not want to hit your existing server it is usually better to use a third party server to do this..
Can I send the set up program to someone else to use?
Yes you are free to distribute the program, but additional users will need their own account to use the system. Discounts are available for multiple users.
Can I attach a file such as a newsletter or brochure?
Yes. for text emails, you can attach a pdf, jpeg, PowerPoint and all file types except exe (program).
Is there a limit to the size of attachments I can send?
No. But remember that if a file is over 3MB it may be less likely to be read.
I want to attach a file but it's quite a large file so may not be read. What do you suggest?
You can use our tools to convert it to PDF. Not only will the file probably be a lot smaller, Pdf files are the standard way to send files as "work" on all computers.
How many contact lists can I have and is there a maximum size?
You are not limited on the number of contact lists or number of contacts. For info on the number of emails you can send see below.
How many emails can I send a month?
You are NOT limited to the number of emails you can send a month. But depending on your selected package you may need to log on again to send further emails. For info on packages see Packages link
If I do not send out any emails during the month / year, do I still have to pay the six monthly/annual fee?
Unless you have cancelled your six monthly / annual subscription then your credit card will be charged as normal as this is an automatic transaction for your subscription. Please note that your allocated emails per log on will remain the same - you don't have to worry about "email credits" etc. We don't use "email credits".
How should I format a file of email addresses and contact details before importing it into Easy Mailouts?
Whether you're adding a contact list to Easy Mailouts for the first time or updating the contact details from an existing list, you need to format the information carefully to avoid errors. But in Easy Mailouts the format is very simple.
Basically in Excel it is name in first column and email address in second column. That's all you need to include.
Or for a text file it is name followed by semi-colon followed by email addresse for each contact. For example Jane;
Easy Mailouts accepts the following file formats:
.xls (Excel file)
.csv (";" comma separated)
.txt (";" semi-colon separated)
Excel spreadsheet (.xls file): Enter each contact's email address on a separate row.
Text File (.txt or csv): Enter each contact's email address on its own line.
Notes on Excels:
Enter each contact's name and email address on a separate row or line. Do not use hidden fields
Any data after column 7 can be hold any optional data you want to hold eg last time you spoke to them on the phone etc
Column headings are optional but make sure that there is some sort of data in each column so can select data etc.
Does Easy Mailouts have "mail merge" like Word?
You can specify fields are to be "parameters" to be replaced in both HTML and text emails. There is a limit of 26 fields that can be replaced per email.
This means if required emails can be highly customised for each email sent.
Why is it better to send emails individually?
Sending emails by CC or BCC is usually much quicker to send emails than sending them individually.
But there are two major disadvantages to this.
Firstly spam filters will probably treat it as spam. For example Hotmail say "...messages may be sent to your Junk E-Mail folder because they are not addressed directly to you".
If an email is sent individually it is more "personable", It is a bit like getting a photocopy of a general invitation to a party compared to an invitation sent specifically to you. Also sending an email individually means it can be individually customised to include the person's name etc.
My contact list data is in a database or is not on Windows. How can I use the data to send emails?
You can import this data by using csv format. This format is a universal data format which can be found in most software programs whether under Mac, Windows, Access, Outlook, SQL Server, linux (Open office, Star office), etc. Easy Mailouts can read csv data directly.
Will the emails appear to come from me?
Yes, the from emall address can be your email address or ours. We do not add any of our branding, logos or slogans on emails that are sent out by Easy Mailouts.
Most other emailing companies add at the bottom of the email "powered by xxx" etc. We do not do this.
Is it possible to use a free email address such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail as my email address?
Yes, it is posible to use a free email account. But if you use a free email account for your email campaigns, email accounts can be disabled by the provider if you have a lot of invalid mail.
Also it is generally a good idea for your email address to use your website domain - you generally want to spread the word that your website exists.
(One of reasons why some companies offer free email accounts is to further publicise their name or website.)
How do I go about sending a newsletter?
If you already regularly send out a Word or pdf newsletters you may want to simply continue to do this by importing an attachment to send out to your contact list.
Or you may prefer to send out a newsletter as an HTML newsletter (as an email with links to pictures etc rather than sending an attachment).. You can use one of our easy to use templates for this - no designing needed just type the text you want to say.
Or if you have your own HTML design can simply send an HTML email by using Easy Mailouts
To run Easy Mailouts do I need to install any third-party software?
If you have a modern computer or laptop you should not need to install any third party software.
Easy Mailouts uses a "java environment" which is already installed on modern computers and laptops.
If for some reason you don't have a java environment eg because of a corrupt disk, you can download and install this for completely free. It is straight forward to do, please see Java environment
What if have changed my computer or my PID address has changed?
If your PID address changes once within the first six months of you using Easy Mailouts, let us know will find out your new PID and update the system for free.
After six months or if your PID info needs to be updated more than once, there is a 10 charge to update the system each time the PID has changed.
What if need to change my email address?
If you email address changes once within the first six months of you using Easy Mailouts, let us and will update the system for free. Note even if you do not use your email address as the from email address but ours, the system will still need to be updated with your new email address as it is used for reporting etc.
After six months or if your email address needs to be updated more than once, there is a 20 charge to update the system each time your email address has changed.
How can I pay?
The simplest is by Reg now please Order link Alternatively you can make a direct payment from your bank to Easy Mailouts. Please email us on for account details
My question is not here. How do I contact you for more info?
Please email us on
I have a suggestion for an additional feature. What should I do?
Please email us on
If we like it we'll try to include it as soon as possible!

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