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Easy Mailouts (the "Services"), a product of PayPerM ("PayPerM"), is a desk top and web-based software application that offers businesses and website operators a software application for HTML design, email list management tools.
Easy Mailouts does not allow unsolicited commercial emails (UCE). For more details on UCE please see our Anti-Spam Policy link By replying to email at the end of the trial form stating "Please confirm you accept our terms and conditions", you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. This also applies to any emails we agree to send out on your behalf.
Our terms and conditions are designed to encourage better service and compliance with anti-spam regulations. By using Easy Mailouts as a permission-based email marketing tool, you are agreeing to the following conditions, and as such, we recommend familiarising yourself with the following documents.
Anti-spam policy   Privacy policy    End user agreement
Trial Terms accounts are limited to 14 days. Every message is subject to manual message review during the period. You may upgrade your account at any time. Easy Mailouts has a no tolerance spam policy that we take very seriously.
Your account will be terminated if you send unsolicited email messages.

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